How do you hear what God is trying to say, if God is trying to say anything? I felt called to go to seminary and I’m glad I did. However, I was never sure if that calling included ministry or what kind of ministry. I’m at the point where I need to make some decisions… I’ve been trying to listen for God, but I’ve gotten no burning bush like Moses. So I’m going to do my best to make good decisions and if they’re the wrong decisions, God is just going to have to threaten me with a big fish or something like Jonah. To that end, I’m currently planning on switching to the MA degree instead of the MDiv degree I’d need to be an ordained minister. Being ordained just doesn’t feel right at this time. There’s things that I like about a pastor’s roles and things I don’t think I’m suited for… Is it the right decision? Am I just running scared? If I really am not called to be a pastor, does it make sense to continue in seminary at all? If I get the MA degree in Theology, where does that lead me? Hmmm… making decisions just leads to more questions… Where’s that dang burning bush?