Finally getting around to some thoughts on Orientation for school. It was pretty interesting. The first few days were mainly a getting to know you exercise for the incoming students. We were asked to draw pictures and symbols that told our individual stories and then each person got up to 20 minutes to talk about their story. It was impressive how open people were right from the start. It was unfortunate that I had to leave when we were only through about 3/4 of the stories. I did tell mine though before I left.

I’m not sure what kind of sense of community will develop. The orientation was nice, but a lot of students are part time and/or commuters. I know for me, it seems like it will be hard to feel like part of the seminary community when I’ll be in and out of Chicago just for classes. But, everyone was nice and friendly. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m not sure there’s much more interesting to say about the orientation. After the get to know you thing, there was a couple of days of informational meetings and registering for classes. I missed one of those days so I’ll have a few things to take care of when I’m back in Chicago next week.