Just a quick note because I’m wore out… Orientation was good… I’ll try to record my thoughts on that soon. I was supposed to be at school for a retreat and orientation from last Thursday through Tuesday. Unfortunately, I had to come home due to a family emergency (my Mom broke her leg) so I missed most of Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. I did make it back to register for classes on Monday. Most of my time has been taking care of Mom. I’m happy to do it, but worrying is stressful 🙂 I think everything is all right now.

Classes start next Tuesday. I have two classes on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. A full load is four classes, but I couldn’t find a fourth that fit into my commuting schedule. My classes are “People and Faith of Israel I”, “Theories of Change and Personal Transformation”, and “History of Christian Thought.” I’m really looking forward to it, but I expect it will be a big challenge to be back in college after 17 years.