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Out of the Ashes Reading

Here’s a reading I did for my book “Out of the Ashes.” Enjoy!

Note that toward the end of the reading I read a poem which contains some adult language.

Another powerful anti-bullying message

Another powerful video:

Watch: ‘At 13’, A Spoken Word Anti-Bullying Performance by Kenneth Morrison – Towleroad | #gay #news.

Last “Pink Triangle” Survivor

Check out this story and interview about the last known “pink triangle” survivor of Hitler’s concentration camps.

FROM PARIS WITH YAGG Pink Triangles: The last known survivor tells his story | FROM PARIS WITH YAGG.

Here’s the video (also referenced from the above link):

YouTube – Joel Burns tells gay teens “it gets better”

A video well worth watching:

YouTube – Joel Burns tells gay teens “it gets better”.

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