The second full day of the Festival is done. Who knew listening to great speakers could be so exhausting? After beginning Monday evening with Walter Brueggemann and Rob Bell, I began Tuesday with hearing great talks from Brueggemann again as well as Nadia Bolz-Weber. Then after finding lunch on San Antonio’s Riverwalk I went back for another lecture but could barely keep my eyes open. Went back to my hotel about 3:30 and just took it easy for the rest of the day. Today I heard Brian McLaren, Otis Moss III, and Craig Satterlee (who gave a great talk about preaching about money). All of the above speakers have been incredibly inspiring with lots to say about preaching and the future of Christianity and I have lots of notes to try to digest. Might have to buy the recordings of a couple of the lectures. Most of them fit well with my sabbatical goal of reflecting on who/what I am called to be/do as a minister. I just need time to take in what was said and meditate on it. I’m tired enough at the end of the day that I’m not sure reflection would be very fruitful but I’ve got lots of sabbatical left. To my preaching friends, I’d highly recommend coming to this Festival someday.