An Afternoon Hike

The adirondack stands watch upon the hill,
a lonely sentinel overlooking the meadow,
the Queen's Guard protecting the palace
as ambassadors of the heavens
and forest emissaries
come to consult.

Resolute in the afternoon sun,
she transforms from guard to
queen of the valley herself,
a siren singing her invitation:
“Come, come to me, rest your weary feet
and survey the peacefulness of my realm.
All this I will give you.”

Reaching her side, my gaze
wanders the majestic vista.
I turn to take my rightful place
as ruler of all I observe,
and realize I am not the first.
Countless feathered kings and queens
have sat upon this throne before me.

to feel like royalty,
one has to sit in shit.

©2016 Kenneth W. Arthur