Some random thoughts…

Political issues of importance… to update my list…

Health care
Peace (as opposed to “defense” or “terrorism”… I’m not a pacifist but we’ve gone way beyond justifiable force…)
Global Warming
GLBT issues (marriage, ENDA, etc.)

Next… went shopping this morning… I generally don’t go for the after Thanksgiving sales, but $3 DVDs? Had to pick up a few new movies at that price, less than the price of a rental.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what am I thankful for? Family, friends, … that really seems to be the most important thing in life… which is funny since relationships can often be so difficult.

I also made a facebook page yesterday while procrastinating on a paper I’m supposed to be writing for school. Not sure why I need a facebook page but it seems to be what everyone is doing these days šŸ™‚

The paper I’m writing is on Viktor Frankl. What an incredible man he was. I like a lot of his ideas… they seem very appropriate to my experience of life. I just wish the paper was going faster šŸ™‚ If you don’t know anything about Frankl, go read “Man’s Search For Meaning.” It’s the book he is most known for.