Well, I’m about to begin the second week of my seminary experience. First impressions… lots of reading, lots of papers, and really long days commuting to Chicago. I’m not sure how I’m going to get all the reading done. Hopefully, I can figure out what to skip or how to skim through it faster. I normally tend to read slowly, though, wanting to catch every word. Right now, I’m just trying to get through it. I’m not sure I’m really retaining that much. Of course, it doesn’t help when after a half hour of reading I get an overwhelming urge to nap 🙂

It’s Sunday already and I still have some reading left and a paper to write for Tuesday… I have tomorrow free to work on it, but I’ve got things to do today. I’m sure glad I don’t have a job at the moment. I sure don’t see how people can manage working and school at the same time, although from a practical standpoint I’ll probably eventually have to figure that out too.