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Alternative Facts: Escher Meets Kafka

One of my poems was posted on The New Verse News. Along with last week’s current events, the Escher lithograph “Ascending and Descending” partially inspired the poem (not the image they posted with the poem).

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A Christmas Reflection – 2016

On this day is born a child, the savior. On this day, the light and love of God takes our form that we might be healed and made whole. That is reason to rejoice! This Christmas morning I woke filled … Continue reading

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Modern Monsters

Modern Monsters Life-sucking vampires preach a prosperity gospel: Give us your blood, it’ll trickle back down again. Not in time to save your ass, but you can’t have everything. Mindless zombies create converts: Give us your brain, let the mob … Continue reading

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Where there is love there is hope

Many of the people I love are in deep pain this morning. Many of us this morning are fearful and grieving. We are wondering where we find hope for the future as we awake to the surreal reality that our … Continue reading

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The American Shadow

Have you ever had a dream in which someone was chasing or attacking you? In dreams like this the attacker represents our Shadow, where we shove all of those aspects of ourselves of which we are ashamed, hoping that they … Continue reading

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