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Forgiveness from the Heart

Forgiveness is so important in good relationships, whether with God or with each other. So why is it often uncomfortable to talk about? I think this is partly because forgiving requires open, honest, and intimate communication about our emotions and … Continue reading

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Out of the Ashes Reading

Here’s a reading I did for my book “Out of the Ashes.” Enjoy! Note that toward the end of the reading I read a poem which contains some adult language.

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Building God’s Church

Every building needs a strong foundation. The bigger the building, the deeper and stronger the foundation needs to be. Strong foundations aren’t just important for buildings, either. We would probably agree that one needs a good education as a strong … Continue reading

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Two Who Dare

My only attempt (so far) at a prose poem… had to change the line breaks to make it fit properly on the blog… Two Who Dare We greeted with the choreography of two hesitant mutts sniffing each other out, surrendering … Continue reading

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Hate in America

For better or worse, some personal ruminations on this weekend’s news events… What happened in Charlottesville, VA, this weekend is horrific. There is no question about that. Racism, white supremacy, neo-nazism are all evils. There can be no justification for … Continue reading

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