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Jumping in the Water

What are we supposed to do with Biblical miracle stories? You know, those stories that bend our imagination just a little too far. Perhaps, like the story of Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33), they even defy the laws of … Continue reading

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“Out of the Ashes” is Here!

I’m excited to announce that my book, “Out of the Ashes: Constructive Theology for Those Burned Out on Christianity,” is finally at the printers. Please check it out! It can be pre-ordered at a discounted price through Monday, August 14, … Continue reading

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Queer Theology

The “anarchistreverend” blog, in the post http://anarchistreverend.com/2011/07/synchroblog/, asked people to blog about queer theology today, August 10, 2011. I think it will have a list of all of those who responded by blogging. My friend Cindi, who blogs at http://cindik.com/, … Continue reading

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And God Created…

Here’s a cute story…  I don’t know the original source, but I found it here: http://www.frtommylane.com/stories/humility/man_dog_cat.htm ===== It is reported that the following edition of Genesis Chapter 2 was discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls. And Adam said, “God, when … Continue reading

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