“Out of the Ashes” now available on Amazon

You can now order my new book on Amazon in softcover format. For other ordering and format options, see the book page in the blog menu above.

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“Out of the Ashes” is Here!

I’m excited to announce that my book, “Out of the Ashes: Constructive Theology for Those Burned Out on Christianity,” is finally at the printers. Please check it out! It can be pre-ordered at a discounted price through Monday, August 14, at the publisher’s website (see below).

Who might be interested, you ask?

* Progressive Christians
* Anyone who is interested in their spirituality but who is put off or disillusioned by traditional Christian doctrine
* Anyone who was raised as a Christian but isn’t sure what they believe any more
* Anyone who thinks fundamentalism represents all Christians (it doesn’t – despite the impression the media gives us)

By looking at Christian beliefs and the Christian way of life in new ways, the book seeks to help readers open themselves to some of the alternatives to the fundamentalist and often oppressive Christianity that is too often assumed to represent all followers of Christ.

I’ve set up a web page with more information about the book as well as ordering links at http://www.pieceofthepuzzle.net/outoftheashes/. I’ll add additional links and ways to order as they are available.

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The Little Stone Chapel

Stone chapel at Gilchrist Retreat Center, Three Rivers, MI

The Little Stone Chapel

Door to the little stone chapel opens.
I fall into unknown worlds
shouting “There’s gold here somewhere!”
Balboa hacks through jungle primitives
to reach this monument to emptiness
erected from head-sized stones
after Medusa seduced an army
leaving their decapitated skulls strewn about.
She probably beached their hearts –
red speckled hearts, black and white hearts,
all grays in between,
hearts eaten through by fossilized worms,
heavy hearts, light hearts,
round and good-for-skipping flat hearts,
shiny hearts, dull hearts, coarse and smooth hearts – 
to be collected by small barefoot children
and their mothers on warm summer afternoons.
Medusa gazes into my heart
when I step over the threshold.
I’ve got soup starter.
What will you bring?
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All Hail the Pandersquat

I wrote this one for a poetry workshop. The assignment was to write a non-sensical poem, but it makes all too much sense in light of our current political situation.

All Hail the Pandersquat

Along the grundle vodamen slither,
sprickety sprocks shroud 'neath the gobblespot
and hippity hocks flee the pandersquat
passing ghastly as the hoopsnot wither.
Rising snuffle thumps have drawn him hither
to hoop, holler and blither garblesnot.
His bangles and boogles dangle goldrot,
drop the yorsier folk in a dither.

But one spartled sprocklet towers and truths:
“Mister pandersquat,” she upstarts, “your aur
snuffles the vermest. Scour that squawker.”
“What gespittle and guspah,” he retooths.
With crowdly hurrah the vodaman corps
sprangle the spree sprocklet off to slaughter.

©2017 Kenneth W. Arthur
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Wild Goose Festival 2017

A couple of pictures from the 2017 Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, NC:

Main Stage…

We were camped next to the French Broad River…

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