I periodically post my poems. Should you choose to check them out, I hope you enjoy reading. Comments are welcome.

After Paradise

All Hail the Pandersquat

Alternative Facts: Escher Meets Kafka (published at The New Verse News) and related image: Ascending and Descending by M C Escher

Bearing My Soul

The Eschaton: Upon Dreaming of a Barren Land,
Bigfoot, and Kris Kristofferson as God

Ghazal for America, 2018

Growing Up (1/3) – published at The Skinny Poetry Journal
Parts 2 & 3

Lessons of a Summer Day at the Beach

The Little Stone Chapel

Living on a flood plain | original version

Man on a Journey

Modern Monsters



Postscript to Wendell Berry’s Mad Farmer Manifesto

River or Rock? – published at Topology Magazine

The Scream

The Seduction | An Afternoon Hike (original version)

Take As Long As You Need

Two Who Dare


What Must the Trees Think?

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